Judges – 2017


Kjell Åke Elofsson, Sweden

Been in the Scale for decades. Been in the top in both WC an EC many times as a pilot.
Have been judging in several WC and EC. Recently in WC 2016 in Romania.

Augustin Sevilla, Spain

Agustin Sevilla is a well known Scale Judge and has experience from several World and European Championships. He specializes in static judging and has a vast knowledge in setting the right score. Further he have also been member of the FAI Jury in some of the Championships where he has not been involved in judging.

We are very happy to have Agustin to join the judging team at our Scale Masters.

Sverre Moen, Norway

Been judging for decades in Norway. Also been judging in WC an EC the last 10 years.
Recently judging in WC 2016 Romania. Experience both in static and flight.

Heinrich Ehlers, Denmark

Judging scale since 1999 in both static and flight. Experience from both national and international competitions. Judge in previous Nordic Championship 2007 Sweden and 2008 in Denmark.


Narve Jensen, Norway

A living legend in Scale. Chairman in CIAM scale subcommittee for many years, now 2nd Vice-president in FAI Aeromodelling. Have judged several WC and EC. Also judged at Top Gun for many years.

Lars Strågen, Sweden

Been at the FAI judging list for many years. Dedicated his life to Airplanes, and also a full-size pilot since 1975. Also known as “Lasse Cub” because of his special interest to that particular aircraft.. And yes he owns a couple of them both full-size and models.

Asger Michelsen, Denmark

Asger has been an judge in scale since 2006. Started out as a static judge , but has also gathered great experience in flight. International debut in NC 2008.

Marius Conu, Romania

CIAM delegate since 1992. Judge both EC and WC since 1995. Also FAI Jury member in many Championships. Organizer in EC 1997 and WC 2016.