Judges – 2019


Sverre Moen
Sverre Moen from Norway has judged in many WC and EC and was also a judge at the last Scalemasters in 2017.
Lennart Ekdahl
A new static Judge for Scalemasters 2019 is Lennart Ekdahl from Sweden. Been a aeromodeler for many years and developt a great interest for static judging. Well known in Sweden as a judge and is now taking the next step into the international scene.
Marius Conu
Marius Conu from Romania was jugding Scalemasters 2017, and of course we invited him again. Marius is a well know judge and have been judging both WC and EC. He also was Contest director in WC 2016 in Romania. Welcome once again Marius.
Agustin Sevilla Royo
Agustin Sevilla Royo from Spain is one of the Worlds most experienced static Judges, and is also a member of the CIAM F4 Scale subcomittee. Has been involved in several WC and EC and was also judging Scalemasters last year. We welcome you back to Helsingborg and Scalemasters 2019


Narve Jensen
This judge dont need any presentation. CIAM F4 Chairman for close to 20 years, now 2 Vice President of CIAM Narve Jensen from Norway. Judge and jury president in so many WC and EC so we dont have the number…he also was a judge last year at Scalemasters, and it is great to welcome him back once again to Scalemasters 2019.
Nils Jensen
Another judge who have join the Scalemasters 2019 is Niels Jensen. A unknown man to the international F4 pilot, but a judge that we belive will enter the international scene. Have judged national Championships for several years and have also been a activ competation pilot.
Krzysztof Krol
A new name to the International scene, but a very experianced judge both in flying and static in Poland. We saw him judge in Ostrow Wielkopolski last year and was so impressed by his work, so we invited him to judge Scalemasters 2019.
Didier Pabois
Didier Pabois from France. One of the best flight Judges in the World for several years. Many WC and EC. Contest Director at WC in Marmande 2014. Also a CIAM F4 Scale subcomittee member. Welcome to Helsingborg and Scalemasters Didier!
Lars Strågen
In Sweden often called Mr. Cub because of his special interest in that particular aircraft( he owns 3 fullsize Cubs). A modeler and fullsize pilot who have judged F4 for years. Was judging Scalemasters 2017 and is once again invited to join the team.