Bulletin – 2019

Bulletin 1

Scandinavian Scalemasters 2019

Open international F4C/F4H contest

Helsingborg, Sweden 8 – 11 aug 2019

We welcome all competing pilots and helpers, their family members and supporters to the 2019 edition of Scandinavian Scalemasters.

Please read the following information carefully. Pass it on to your scale model special interest group in your country so that we may reach all interested parties.

This competition is open to all pilots competing in F4C and F4H 
with a valid FAI license.
The contest will be hosted by the Norwegian Scaleteam (NLF) and Helsingborg Aeroclub at Helsingborg’s MFK airfield just outside Helsingborg Sweden. (enter Helsingborg MFK in to Google map and you will find it)


  1. The competition is from 8 -11 Aug 2019.
    The competition will be according to the rules in FAI CIAM F4 Sporting Code.
    It is possible to arrive before the 8 of Aug if you wish to make
    training flights at the field.
  2. The Airfield is close to the city of Helsingborg in the south of Sweden.

    Click here for a link to Goggle maps: https://goo.gl/3w963F

  3. Medals will be given to 1,2 and 3 places in both F4C and F4H
    in Scandinavian Scalemasters 2019.

    Included in this contest is also the Nordic Championship for
    F4C and F4H both individual and Team for the Nordic Countries competitors.
    Also included is the DM for the district of Skåne in F4C and F4H for the competitors from Skåne.(hosted by Skånes Flygsportsforbund).